Kønsskiftelægerne, transkønslobbyen og de velmenende støtter af de “virkeligt transkønnede” har stukket dem 2 grove løgne – 1 om dem selv og 1 om samfundet — Helen Joyce forklarer …

I nordmanden Henrik Beckheims nylige podcastinterview med Helen Joyce forklarer hun bl.a., at kønsskiftelægerne, transkønsbevægelsen og dens velmenende støtter har stukket de transkønnede to grove løgne.

Det er på tide, at de transkønnede og resten af samfundet får sandheden at vide – selvom den gør ondt.

Her kommer min afskrift af den relevante bid af interviewet: (Link til videoen nederst)

Henrik Beckheim:

First off, right off the bat, I want to say that, of course, I acknowledge that some people are actually trans people, and that probably for some people – for a minority of people – it’s the right thing to do perhaps. 

But I think that the problem with the gender correcting surgery and this whole wave that we’re seeing is that we’re overtreating or also having a medical malpractice in regards to this stuff.

So I’ve been trying to think about what this stuff is all about…

Helen Joyce:

While you think about what you want to ask me, can I just push back a bit on what you just said?

Henrik Beckheim:

Yeah, yeah.

Helen Joyce:

People generally start with – sensible people generally start with – what you’ve just said: ”Yes, I accept that there are some trans people, but there’s also a social contagion…”

I don’t accept that there are any people who are trans in the sense the lobbyists mean it.

What they mean is that there are some male people who are in some genuine sense really female, or vice versa.

I don’t believe that. I don’t believe there’s ever been or ever will be a male person who’s really female.

So what we might mean is: “There are some people whose gender dysphoria is spontaneous – ‘dysphoria’ is just a fancy word for distress – but that there might be some people who out of nowhere – not as a contagion – for whatever reason really strongly feel that they were meant to be members of the other sex.”

There probably are people like that – very few – the incidence used to be thought to be one in 30,000 to one in 150,000. Those are the ones I’m talking about.

But, still, what are we to do with those people?

There’s a whole load of assumptions that follow.

The next assumption is that that person will be better if they transition. There’s no evidence of that. Exactly no evidence whatsoever.

Also what about other people? This is the bit that the gender doctors never thought about in the century that they’ve been doing this sort of experimentation – a bit less than a century – They never thought: What does this mean for other people?

So if we think of a man called George, and we suppose George is the most perfect transwoman in the world – George is somebody who really truly from he was tiny genuinely knew he was meant to be a girl.

What does it mean to say to George: ”You’re trans. We will do the surgeries on you when you’re old enough to consent”?

What next?

George wants is to be allowed into women’s spaces, to be allowed into women’s sports, to be treated as a woman for the purposes of jobs that are only for women. And those jobs are things like you know doing mammograms on women to check for cancer.

George can’t be a woman as far as women are concerned in any space where it matters that everybody around you is a woman. So we cannot give George what he wants without trampling on women’s rights.

And that’s the bit that the doctor has never included. They told George: ”Yes, we can do this surgery, and you will feel better, and women will accept you as a woman.”

And that last bit was never true.

So I’m afraid I don’t think that there are any ”trans people” in the sense the lobbyists mean.

I don’t think there are any people who can be taken out of their sex and slotted into the other sex without destroying everybody else’s rights – even if they’d be happier.


Du kan se interviewet herunder.
Når du klikker på videoen, starter den ved tidskode 37:10, hvor den bid, jeg har afskrevet, begynder:

Se endelig hele interviewet. Det er fremragende. Helen Joyce skærer som sædvanlig knivskarpt – og alligevel empatisk – igennem, hvor andre har talt udenom.